Love the text and vintage feel of this stamp.

Love the text and vintage feel of this stamp.

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Fish market fun. (at 제주동문시장)

If I ever leave Korea completely I will always miss the food. (at 광장전통시장 (Kwangjang Traditional Market))

Josh pouring out samples of beers to come. #magpiebrewing #맥파이

Two Birds One Stone hand printed posters coming soon! (MuteHouse crew kicking ass and taking names.)

It’s Monday and tax filing season so I’m sitting in the tiny office (80% of this room is full of boxes of growlers) scanning receipts for the accountant. I dread little mundane tasks like this until I actually sit down to do them. Usually the most boring jobs turn into little golden moments of zen when you can switch your brain off and focus on a single action, like putting a sticker on a cup or scanning a sheet of paper.


Amelia Earhart

“You gotta keep the step. You gotta limber up. You gotta loosen what you bolted down. You gotta use all you got. We know you’re tired, tired and scared. Happens to everyone, okay? Just don’t let your feet stop.”
— Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance   (via thatkindofwoman)

Love this quote and feeling it’s relevance lately. They say that entrepreneurship is a moody bipolar thing and the truth of that has hit home this year. Some days you want to hide in bed and talk to no one or trash it all and run away from responsibility. Some days you’re flying high and feeling the momentum like Super Mario hitting all the gold coins. But in the end it just comes down to rolling forward because things evolve no matter what.

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Blame it on being an engineer’s daughter — I love tools organized neatly. (at MMMG 이태원)

Beers & Bikes… Working the tap at All Rhoads Customs opening tonight! (at MMMG 이태원)

Midnight taste check - our first collaboration beer coming this weekend and it’s damn good. Get excited for Saturday! #맥파이


Gregory Peck for Air France

I can’t believe people used to fly like this! It’d probably make jet lag a lot easier to deal with.

Hello Busan!

After dinner drinks at a new HBC speakeasy, IIX. Only 6 days old so still working out the kinks but it’s nice to have something like this in the hood. (at IIX)

Goddam Linus. You are amazing. (at Linus BBQ)

Magpie Brewing sneak peak — some new beers coming out soon!